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Private Varnish
      PV For Sale
            Private Party Car Pony Express
            Louis Sockalexis
            Mark Twain Zephyr
            Pointe St Charles
            Hollywood Beach
      PV For Lease
            Northern Dreams
            Northern Sky
            Pacific Sands
            Jane Marie - Business Car (photo only)
            Pony Express
            Warren Henry
            Evelyn Henry
      PV - Buyers Guide

Passenger Cars
      Milwaukee-Hiawatha Coach 4448
      Rail Diesel Car
      C & S Passenger Baggage/RPO Car
      Long Island Coach Cars
      Milwaukee Road Coach
      Illinois Central Coaches
      City of Horicon
      City of Janesville
      Northern Pass Baggage Car

      Ten cabooses located in SE USA
      Canadian Pacific caboose
      Nine cabooses ready for lodging (sold)
      SOO Line
      C B & Q
      Santa Fe
      Union Pacific
      Algoma Central
      Rock Island
      Great Northern
      Milwaukee Road
      Chicago Northwestern
      Rail Merchants Cabooses
      Lake Superior
      Illinois Central
      Burlington Northern
      Northern Pacific

Freight Cars
      Milwaukee Bunk Car
      Former Amtrak Material Handling
      Assorted Box Cars
      Baggage Car
      Cattle Car

Train Sets, complete
      The Mark Twain Zephyr under restoration
      U.S. & Swedish trainsets
            Interior Photos
            Misc Rolling Stock

Locomotives & Motive Power
      Swedish Steam Locomotive
      Rail Diesel Car
      E-9 10A & 10C, FP-7 71A (diesel-electric locomotives)

MOW (Maintenance-of-Way Equipment)

About RMI
      UP Track Geometry Car       Railroad Consulting
      Press Releases

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