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Private Party Car Pony Express
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Private Party Car Pony Express - is comfortably appointed to provide a warm and sociable environment for group events such as birthdays. anniversary celebrations, weddings/receptions, holiday parties and other social gatherings. It has an antique bar, comfortable lounge area and parquet dance floor. The car has been set up to function as meeting space, a classroom/conference room and as a film/ event production office. It has numerous power outlets for computers, projectors, copiers, etc;.and, is equipped with a video projector, DVD/VCR,/Stereo and 81 inch projection screen.

Ii is fully approved for service on Amtrak trains operating throughout the United States.

The "Pony" is now based in the Los Angeles area with easy access to Amtrak.

Accommodations - The car can comfortably accommodate 36 - 40 people for group events and has sleeping accommodations for 2. The bunkroom has a bathroom with retention toilet and full sized shower.

Companion Car - The Pony Express is ideally suited for use as a companion to other private cars operating either on a regularly scheduled Amtrak train or as part of a private train.

Special Use Car - The Pony is uniquely suited for special use as a support car for special events and film production. It is equipped with full-open end doors on the lounge end and the floor and walls can be protected so the car can be used for storage of bulky items up to and including an automobile. See photo below.


The Pony Express was built in January, 1941 as end-door Baggage/Express car #4210, of the Canadian Pacific Railway by Canadian Car and Foundry Co. of Montreal. It was one of a lot of ten such cars, 4202-4211. It displays the slightly curved sides which distinguish Canadian Pacific streamlined passenger equipment of that era from that of any other railroad in North America. These unique cars were once used by the CPR to transport Royal Canadian Mounted Police horses used for the RCMP's world famous Musical Ride.

These cars were built with only one window on each side. The additional windows in this car and the rider compartment were installed as part of the cars' initial refurbishment by Anbel Corporation of Brownsville, Texas in 1987-88. Reconstruction to current Amtrak PC-2 standards, interior paneling, carpeting and parquet dance floor have been done, 1997-2001.

The unique interior paneling configuration was inspired by the simple, but elegant designs used in Virginia & Truckee Railroad Co. passenger cars 3 & 4 built by Kimball in 1872


Built by     Canadian Car & Foundry

Year     1941

Built for     Canadian Pacific Railway - #4210

Service     Baggage & Express

Lt Wt     120,600#

Features     Full open end doors A end
Has tables and seating for 40

Mechanical     Amtrak PC2 complete 8/20/01, PC2A 3/23/2011. Current PC-1

Trucks     Commonwealth - Straight Equalizer

Brakes     26C - Tread braked, Lo-Friction comp or cast iron shoes

Wheels     36" - Hub stamped, fresh contour, 41-46/16 thickness.

Bearings     Timken & Fafner roller bearings, grease lube

Couplers     F - Tightlock

Clearance     "A" Clearance - Good for Northeast Corridor

Electrical     110 V car with full HEP.
12 V emergency lighting, water system and marker lights
Solar panels and inverter provide basic electrical service off HEP
7500 watt Onan quiet diesel gen set

Water     325 gal stainless steel water tank, 20 gal elect hot water heater.

Toilet     RV china bowl with 58 gal holding tank.

Private Car Pony Express - Diagram.
Pony Express

New Furniture for the lounge, December 2008.
Pony Express

Antique Bar.
Pony Express

Birthday Party.
Pony Express

Jam session on the Railroad Revival Tour.
Pony Express

The ultimate excursion car.
Pony Express

A wedding on the way to San Diego.
Pony Express

Crossing New Mexico.
Pony Express

Pony as Camera Car - "Mona Lisa Smile", Feb. 2003.
Pony Express

Crew Room.
Pony Express

Full Open End Door.
Pony Express