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Louis Sockalexis

Louis SockalexisFloor Plan

Delivered by Pullman Standard in 1949 as one of seven in the lot, all named for former presidents of the Standard Railroad of The World.  The bedroom lounge observation car served to bring up the markers on several Pennsy Flyers -- most notably the Spirit of St. Louis and the Cincinnati Limited.

Sold by the railroad in 1963, it passed through several hands until purchased by the present owners.  After undergoing a 'Frame-up' reconstruction in the mid '90's and emerging as the Louis Sockalexis in honor of the Penobscot Native American baseball player for whom the Cleveland Indians were named.

Maintaining the original floor plan, the interior now is a blend of art deco and southwest styles; while the exterior soldiers on in the traditional Tuscan red.

Louis Sockalexis Louis Sockalexis Louis Sockalexis Louis Sockalexis Louis Sockalexis