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Private Varnish For Charter/Lease
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Private Varnish For Charter/Lease

Experience the almost forgotten pleasure of rail travel, your every desire catered by an experienced chef and attendant.

Northern Dreams
Northern Dreams - Sleeper-Lounge.  Accommodates 16 day, 10 night.


Northern Sky
Northern Sky - Sleeper-Lounge-Dome.  Accommodates 14 day, 8 night.


Pacific Sands
Pacific Sands - Sleeper.  Accommodates 22 day, 22 night.


Jane Marie
Jane Marie - Business Car - Accommodates 14 day, 4 night. Two large bedrooms for night, a lounge with large windows, and a dining room and kitchen, and more.


Pony Express
Pony Express - Party/Event-Baggage.  Accommodates 40 day, 2 night.


Caritas - Business Car.  Accommodates 16 day, 8 night.


Warren Henry
Warren R. Henry - Lounge-Platform-Dome.  Day capacity 30.


Evelyn Henry
Evelyn Henry - Sleeper.  Accommodates 10 day, 10 night.