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Movie made at Railmerchants rail yard - See Des Moines Register article here.

Below is just a sample of our inventory, including some of the Finest Private Rail Cars Available

Pointe St. Charles
    Sold!   Pointe St. Charles. However, AMTRACK compatible cars available.


        SOLD!   Louis Sockalexis. However, AMTRACK compatible cars available.


Milwaukee Bunk Car
Milwaukee Bunk Car Restoration. Ideal for tiny home or B&B.


Milwaukee-Hiawatha Coach 4448
Milwaukee-Hiawatha Coach 4448. Ready for restoration. Last renaining 1944 Hiawatha Coach.


Sold!  Rolling Stock & Swedish Trainsets


Private Party Car Pony Express
Private Party Car Pony Express


Mark Twain Zephyr
"Mark Twain Zephyr". Under restoration.


RMI Passenger Rail Cars
Passenger Cars


Swedish Railways 4-6-0
Swedish Railways 4-6-0


RMI Locomotives
Locomotives - (E & FP units currently under lease)


UP Track Geometry Car
UP Track Geometry Car

Railroad Cars & Equipment Menu

Private Varnish   Indulge yourself with the ultimate luxury. Private Amtrak-compatible rail cars for sale, charter or investment.

Passenger Cars   The location of generously appointed passenger cars for all your rail-related needs (non-Amtrak compliant).

Cabooses   Use a caboose as your "country get-away", or remodel a bunch into a motel complex.

Freight Cars   Now for something completely different. From baggage cars to cattle cars, Rail Merchants' supplies your various rail needs.

Complete Train Sets   Envision yourself aboard your own personal train. Rail Merchants can provide a train befitting your dreams.

Locomotives &Motive Power   Whether you prefer steam or diesel, the powerhouse of your train can be found here.

Maintenance-of-Way Equipment   Join the Motor Car enthusiasts in discovering a unique, inexpensive way to ride the rails.